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About Us

Thank you for inquiring about our firewood. We at JerseyFirewood.com™ have been producing the finest quality firewood for over a quarter of a century. We have customers coming from New York and Philadelphia to buy our gourmet and standard woods. You can order from us using our email or by visiting our location in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

We believe the term CORD is used loosely by most firewood dealers in this day and age. We only sell firewood by CUBIC FOOTAGE based on CORD SPACED stacking.

“CORD SPACED” firewood is wood that is stacked with split or round logs running in the SAME DIRECTION. It is most important to note that the log lengths MUST be consistent in order to register a proper measurement. The legal description goes on further to say that those same logs must have the ends touching if multiple rows will be stacked to fill the 128 cubic foot void.

“CORD SPACED” Stacking is the most accurate way we know of achieving a proper measurement. So the next time a purveyor pulls up to your house with a “Truckload” of UNSTACKED Firewood, ask him how he can possibly ensure a True cord.

We feel the public at large has been misinformed over the past quarter century to the point where they believe that a so called “CORD” is actually a half cord. Part time, fly by night dealers have been slowly selling less and less as the years go by. Customers are at their mercy to trust that the quantity is accurate. Mainly these dealers rip you off (whether they intend to or not) by selling firewood that varies SO MUCH in length (12″-21″ for example) but yet they call that a TWO FOOT ROW. You’re losing almost HALF of your valuable firewood right there!!!

We cut all of our logs to approximately, 18″ (one and 1/2 foot) for easier calculating. Our DRIVE-THRU prices are based on 16 cubic foot increments. For those who are familiar with our patented white racks, they contain 16 cubic feet of “CORD SPACED” wood. The racks are 5.5′ tall and 2′ wide (roughly the size of a refrigerator). The price of each 16 cubic foot rack varies slightly depending on the type of wood in it.

If you opted for delivery, the firewood will come in “Rows”. Before our trucks leave the Firewood Center all firewood is pre-racked for you in 32 cubic foot cubes. In case you opted for loose delivery we ensure exact measurement by pre-racking, then we load your firewood into a trailer.

Thank you,
Bob Schultz – Founder