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Color Enhanced Mulch*

The mulch we offer is triple processed, premium enhanced mulch and are available in multiple colors. These include Black, Chocolate Brown, Cherry Brown and Red so you can be sure to get the color you want.

The mulch is manufactured by grinding and blending select hardwoods with a long lasting, vibrant and of course environmentally friendly colorant. The state of the art manufacturing process used is guaranteed to make you happy with the results. The colored enhanced mulch products will help make any landscaping project just right. Of course, our mulch does more than just look good, it also provides good moisture retention and weed suppression.

Triple Ground Root Mulch

The premium quality, triple ground root mulch is aged to a darker, richer and finer texture than regular hardwood mulches. Utilizing this process creates a product that will make it easier to cover a larger by being easy to spread. It also can help give large area a beautiful color and of course help with moisture retention and weed suppression.

*Regarding Dyed Mulch Products: The dye used in our mulch is water based. In order to ensure proper drying, dyedmulch needs approximately 48 hours to set once it has been applied. No matter how far in advance the product was manufactured, it does not dry completely until spread. It WILL stain clothes when wet,therefore olderclothing is suggested to be worn during application. It will wash off of skin with soap and water. It can also be removed from driveways and curbs with soap, water, and a little scrubbing. As a general policy, we do not deliver black dyed mulch in the rain.