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Fine Screened Topsoil

Our multi-purpose topsoil is designed for grass, shrubs, trees and plants that require organic material to grow and thrive.

Custom Soil Blends

We can custom blend soils to your specifications, we can help design them specifically to your demands. We can offer a full line of testing for complex applications.

Screened Leaf Compost

There are very few things better at providing organic matter to landscapes then leaf compost. We ensure proper aerobic microbial activity by making sure it is inspected and turned. The constant attention to details is what gives our compost a dark, rich consistency to produce optimal results. By using compost in heavy or dense soils, it helps increase the productivity and work-ability, while at the same time greatly improving aeration and drainage.

Fill Dirt

Contractors looking for fill dirt in New Jersey and Pennsylvania need a product that compacts well and contains little to no organic material, which is important for a stable and structurally sound foundation. Since our fill dirt is the result of our own soil screening operation, it is a tightly controlled product incorporating subsoil, shale and rock. While others may use almost anything as a substitute of fill dirt, our product is screened and graded for consistency and uniformity for a lot less money.